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Sales Organization

Sales organization

The sales organization of the Mr. Sulfur consists of 3 units:

۱ unit of quality control
2 logistic unit
3 unit of business affairs

Quality Control Unit: This unit is responsible for reviewing and matching the quality of the entire consignment of sulfur and purchased with the SPECIFICATION announced by the refineries.

The control of the quality of cargo at the time of delivery from the refinery, during transportation and at the time of storage in various ports, including the duties of this unit.

Logistics unit:

Proper time management, how to transport and store cargo and port costs are the responsibility of this section.

  1. The unit packages sulfur dispensers in its own Jumbo Bags first.
  2. The experienced personnel of this unit, through the international freight forwarding company belonging to the Mr. Sulfur Group, plan a reliable and fast transportation for each shipment, using new technologies, information on each shipment from Start shipping at the origin to the destination port on-line to the buyer’s reputation.
  3. The cargo shipment of each ordering agent must be carried out on Mr. Sulfur’s customized sites at different ports, with all safety precautions and technical specifications, so that the shipments are ready at the right time for loading and transport by ship.


Department of Business Affairs:

The legal department regulates all contracts for the supply, supply and sale of sulfur minerals and transporting them in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Chamber of Commerce and the pursuit of all legal matters related to this section.

The Customs Department, the expert experts of this unit, based in the border and port areas, are working with the accuracy, accuracy and speed of all customs operations related to sulfur shipments.

The Department of Banking, based on years of experience in international banking, the experts of this department are responsible for performing monetary transactions and exchanging sums of sums via the bank (T / T and L / T letters of credit) and reputable exchanges.